Special balloon with the help of which you cannot eat a lot and hence, you go back to your desired weight

Special balloon with the help of which you cannot eat a lot and hence, you go back to your desired weight

Lose excess weight with modern method, without a operation.

National Center of Surgery, New Life clinic offers you a 30 min long endoscopic procedure using which you will recover the desired weight.

A special balloon is placed in the stomach for a period of 6 months or 1 year using endoscopic ways. The balloon partially fills the stomach volume, resulting in reduction of feeling of hunger. The main advantage of balloon to other methods of weight loss is that the procedure is performed without any operation, the patient does not actually require the nutrition contol because the desire to consume too much disappears itself.

Other advantages of balloon:

  • Less trauma;
  • Stomach’s functions as an organ are maintained
  • Minimal risk of complications. Less side effect
  • Practically doesn’t need a rehabilitation and you’re discharged on the same day or the day after

The clinic "New Life" is equipped with the American company ORBERA's ultra modern balloons that are distinguished with their high quality and according to the results, it’s considered to be a number one product in a worldwide medical sphere.

“New Life” clinic’s head of the endoscopic services, surgeon-endoscopist Irakli Paichadze discussed stomach balloon with us

As Mr. Paichadze said in an interview with us, a year after the removal of the balloon, it is still possible to implement it again,  but usually it’s unnecessary because lost kilos indicator already shows desired results.

Mr. Paichadze stated -„The patient's complete examination is carried out before the procedure. As we’ve noted, the balloon is placed with endoscopic method in the stomach, Its  volume  increases with special fluid  and remains within the stomach for several months. If the patient has a feeling of nausea, we prescribe special medications that neutralize this very rare side effect. Before balloon  procedure and its removal all patients take a regular – with gastroenterologist. After balloon removal, the patient is only responsible to follow the healthy lifestyle, have a proper nutrition regime and maintain the normal weight. It is noteworthy that the patient gets used to this type of nutrition with the aid of the balloon, "

“New Life” clinic address: Tbilisi, dighomi, Lubliana N21a

You may contact “New Life” clinic’s call center at 577 059 900

In case of any issues, you may contact “New Life” clinic’s head of endoscopic services, surgeon-endoscopist Irakli Paichaze for consultation at 599 95 43

Wish you health!