„New Life" – A Clinic Filled With Cutting-Edge Technology And Highly Trained Medical Personnel!

„New Life

The National Center of Surgery's „New Life” Clinic is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

Until recently, the clinic's main profile was only obstetrics and neonatology, and it still operates in this capacity. However, after the institution became a part of the National Center of Surgery, it was converted into a multi-profile clinic, where patients are served by professional doctors of all profiles.

Renovations were conducted, and new modern sorts of departments, such as surgery, multi-profile departments, and critical medicine departments, were opened.

The National Center of Surgery’s „New Life” clinic is outfitted with cutting-edge technology. General Electric's unique, state-of-the-art premium ultrasound machine Voluson E 10, the latest generation, ultra-modern Japanese digital X-ray Shimadzu, 160 sliced-computed tomography Toshiba Aquilion Lightning SP, the latest model and high standard respirator CHIRANA AURA, and the latest endoscope from the leading German company KARL STORZ are all part of the technical arsenal.

The latest premium ultrasound machine Voluson E 10 is one of the clinic's cutting-edge technology. Voluson E 10 allows the doctor to evaluate the patient in 2D, 3D, and 4D modes, which is especially useful when examining pregnant women because it provides a real-time image of the fetus. The instrument has an extremely sensitive and multipurpose Doppler. Babies born in 2015 and later have a one-of-a-kind opportunity to observe their pregnancy years later thanks to the National Center of Surgery’s  „New Life” Clinic. The best quality ultrasound image is acquired by analyzing the thyroid gland, breast (echo-mammography), abdomen, and genitourinary system. We can use elastography to assess the nature of the tumor, such as whether it is benign or malignant. In gynecology, we model uterine pathologies in 3D. We can discover uterine nodal myoma, polyps, ovarian cysts, and other abnormalities.

Toshiba Aquilion Lightning SP is available in The „New Life” Clinic with maximal clinical capabilities and a quick scanning feature. This cutting-edge equipment is intended to make both the patient and the doctor more comfortable. Gentry's new design is notable. This device's contrast resolution has been improved. AIDR 3D mode reduces the radiation exposure by 75% while increasing the reconstruction speed. Gentry 780mm equipment allows for easy access in the case of polytrauma and the case of intensive care patients. It makes interventional procedures considerably easier to carry out. Has maximum clinical capabilities and is one of the iron artifact removal modes that remove these artifacts without excessive manipulation.

„New Life" has a new resuscitation system that has applied and will continue to deploy an antibacterial approach to defend against infections. The resuscitation department is outfitted with cutting-edge technology, such as monitors, Infusomat®, and respirators, with the high-quality CHIRANA AURA gadget standing out.

Visit the National Center of Surgery’s „New Life” Clinic for full-service, multi-component medical care.

Wish you health!