New word in the early diagnosis of breast cancer - ultra modern mammogram of the clinic

New word in the early diagnosis of breast cancer - ultra modern mammogram of the clinic

Mammography is a method of X-ray study which is widely used to detect breast cancer at an early stage.

Clinic of National Center of Surgery "New Life" is equipped with a Planmed Clarity 3D mammography with digital tomosynthesis technique.

This is the new word in early diagnosis of breast cancer. Please visit the clinic and use the ultra-modern technology that is distinguished by high sensitivity. During normal mammography exam, other tissue structures may overlap on the tumor formation and therefore complicate the possibility of the right diagnosis, but the new mammography of the clinic "New Life" with Tomo Marker technology, provides an accurate and sharp image without any artifact. By means of it, you can get serial images of the breast in different angles, which ultimately gives us a 3D image of the pathological process and precise spatial coordinates.
It is important to note that unlike mammography, the tomosynthesis procedure is much more comfortable because the breast compression is minimal during this procedure.

Mammography is absolutely safe since the imaging is done with low-dose X-ray radiation.

According to the recommendation of the American Cancer Society, it is recommended to do the mammography examination for women from the age of 40 without complaints, for prevention. By mammography makes it possible to detect the small size formation in the breast, which is not palpable, or to detect cancer in the early stage when it is impossible to notice and feel manually. It is noteworthy that at this stage the likelihood of cure is very high.

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