“Pink October” - Breast Cancer Awareness Month! What are the events planned at the clinic “New Life”?

“Pink October” - Breast Cancer Awareness Month! What are the events planned at the clinic “New Life”?

October is recognized as a breast cancer awareness month and called the "Pink October". A pink ribbon is an important part of this campaign.

The goal of the campaign is to inform the public about the importance of identifying symptoms of breast cancer at an early stage, the need for regular self-examination and screening tests.

The clinic "New Life" joins "Pink October", the month dedicated to the fight against breast cancer.

Prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of breast cancer are one of the priorities of the clinic "New Life".

The clinic offers a variety of promotions, 2D, 3D mammography, a complete examination of the mammary glands.

In October, take advantage of a free consultation with a mammologist!

It should be noted that the internal screening program of the National Center of Surgery and the clinic “New Life” is functioning on the basis of the clinics, at a symbolic price the patients can get the complete and complex examination of the mammary glands using various diagnostic methods.

Remember, if detected early, breast cancer can be cured!

At the National Center of Surgery, a screening study can identify a pathological area at the initial stage of the disease, when the person does not notice any symptoms, which should be diagnosed by the means of studies, and not according to clinical signs.

 It should be noted that a mammography with the digital tomosynthesis function is the only one in Georgia and is exclusively available only at the National Center of Surgery.

Ultra-modern Planmed Clarity 3D mammography is used for the test. Tomosynthesis gives a similar picture to computed tomography. The mammography with the tomosynthesis function can identify the structures, which are not seen during the standard mammography settings.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women.

Recently, there has been an increased incidence of the disease, as well as its rejuvenation.

Most often it is identified as the form of nodular formations in the mammary gland, except for local distribution, it is characterized by generalization, metastasis, that is, the spread of the process to other organs.

Breast cancer is characterized by the following symptoms: the formation or any kind of mass in the mammary gland, a change in the shape of the breast, changes or deformities on the skin of the mammary gland, swelling, redness, inversion of the nipple, dark discharge from the nipple, nodular formation in the armpit. However, the disease can be present without any symptoms, therefore it is crucially important to undergo regular examinations by a mammologist!

We want to remind our readers once again that breast cancer is not a sentence and it is possible to defeat it! This is confirmed by the example of many patients.

The new technologies and modern methods of treatment introduced in the clinic “New Life” make it possible to prevent, completely examine and treat breast cancer.

Let’s defeat breast cancer together!

The clinic “New Life” address: Tbilisi, Digomi Lubliana street №21a

You can contact the Call Center of “New Life” at 577 05 99 00;

Wish you health!