Mammography - Diagnostic Study Of The Breast

Mammography - Diagnostic Study Of The Breast

Breast examination with the latest digital mammography - PLANMED CLARITY 3D

One of the most prevalent oncological disorders in women is breast cancer. Sadly, the recent global trend demonstrates that breast cancer can strike a woman at any time.

Mammography - Diagnostic Study Of The Breast

No other illness has become so prevalent that it now affects even women under the age of 40.

If you have any of the following concerns together with an odd change in your breast:

  • Pain;
  • Fortification;
  • Discharge from the nipple;
  • Itching or peeling of the nipple;
  • Unusual rashes, etc.

Immediate mammography is advised.

It is the gold standard for identifying cancers and other breast disorders, and fortunately, recent medical advancements have made effective therapy now available.

The „New Life" Clinic is running a promotion for breast 3D imaging.

The price of research is reduced to 130 GEL from 170 GEL.

The promotion is valid every Wednesday and Saturday.

Planmed Clarity 3D digital mammography is available at The "New Life” Clinic. It stands out for having great sensitivity and producing an image that is clear and sharp.

Any woman over the age of 40 should undergo mammography at least once a year, according to the American Cancer Association's (ASCO) advice, regardless of whether she has symptoms or not.

In order to ensure that the research is conducted during the first week following the end of the menstrual cycle, the organization also counsels female patients to do so.

Additionally, keep in mind that a woman's mammary gland is always developing and changing as she ages and her reproductive system develops. The most effective method of preventing future cancer is screening breast exams.

It is only feasible to notice the tiniest formation in the breast tissue, up to 2 mm in size, and identify cancer in its early stages using a 3D mammographic scan.

Early cancer diagnosis and prompt administration of the proper treatment yield nearly 100% success rates.

It should be emphasized that PLANMED CLARITY uses 3D and digitization to offer special functionalities that give the doctor the most precise knowledge about your condition.

Please register in advance at +995 322 12 25 25 or +995 577 059 900 to benefit from the promotion.

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Cancer is not a verdict!

Wish you health!

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