Stomach operation for weight loss – Man who lost 100 kg in 11 months with sleeve-gastrectomy

Stomach operation for weight loss – Man who lost 100 kg in 11 months with sleeve-gastrectomy

Nowadays the excess weight is one of the main challenges of modern medicine.

Unfortunately, many people are not even aware of how big of a health hazard is obesity, and that excess weight is not just a visual, cosmetic problem. In addition, dieting on your own, without a specialist is futile and often harmful.

The clinic “New Life” of National Center of Surgery defeats excess weight with laparoscopic, bloodless surgery. Our clinic has successfully carried out a sleeve-gastrectomy operation for years, and the results achieved by bariatric surgeons are truly remarkable. 

We’ve decided to tell you a story about a young man - one of the many patients who lost more than 40 kg with the clinic “New Life”

Life before and after sleeve-gastrectomy

Yes, we can separate two periods of his life, because the operation and weight loss brought back his joy of life - today he is happy and pursues an active lifestyle. Before, because of excess weight, he had trouble moving, suffered from a shortage of breath, and was easily tired – Obesity negatively affected his daily life.

When he had realized it couldn’t continue like that, he addressed various clinics, albeit without much success because he couldn’t achieve desired results.

Patient’s weight before the operation and cause of obesity

He weighed 200 kg on the first visit to the clinic “New Life”.

In the multi-profile clinic, all conditions are met (all services are in one space) for diagnosing the causes of obesity

He consulted with an endocrinologist and bariatric surgeon, received respective recommendations. 

Following types of examinations were carried out to exclude various pathologies:

  1. Gastroscopy;
  2. Doppler ultrasonography;
  3. Ultrasound imaging;
  4. Thyroid examination;
  5. Complete cardiac examination;
  6. Spirometry.

The following team of doctors carried out preoperative preparation of the patient:

  • Surgeon;
  • Cardiologist;
  • Psychotherapist;
  • Therapist;
  • Endocrinologist;
  • Nutritionist.

Based on the examinations, the metabolic disorder was diagnosed as a cause of excess weight.

What is sleeve-gastrectomy, what does the stomach operation for weight loss mean?

Sleeve gastrectomy is a vertical resection (removal) of the stomach. Along with the part of the stomach, the area where the hunger receptors are located is removed as well (it’s where the hormone Ghrelin is produced).

Since the volume of the stomach is reduced, and the hormone causing hunger is removed, the patient already eats little and feels sated in a short time.

The operation proceeded without any complications, and the patient was discharged on the fifth day

Lost 35 kg within a month after the operation

This example is enough to prove that sleeve-gastrectomy is one of the most effective methods. In the first month after the operation, the patient had to buy new clothes, because he lost 35 KG. Precisely in 11 months, his weight on the scale decreased to 100 kg from 200 kg.

He happily allowed us to publish his photos because he wants others to know that it is possible to live without excess weight with the help of the clinic “New Life”.

Wish you health!