Patients who lost 60-75 kilos in “New Life” clinic – Impressive results of sleeve gastrectomy

At “New Life” clinic a meeting was held dedicated to methods of fighting obesity.

Since in Georgia, and in the whole world, excess weight is one of the greatest challenges of modern medicine, overweight’s club was created at “New Life” clinic. Clinic's doctors and obese patients are members of the club. The club aims to inform the members about obesity, diseases caused by it or different methods of fighting excess weight.

The meeting was hosted by Jaba Babaevi, the head of surgery department at “New Life” clinic, Clinic’s endocrinologist Ana Kopaleishvili and junior doctor Tiko Kopaleishvili discussed diets and healthy nutrition. Surgeon-endoscopist Irakli Paichadze
gave a speech about the non-surgical and effective methods of weight correction and gastric balloon procedures. According to him, the surgeon endoscopically inserts a special inflatable balloon in the patient's stomach and inflates it. The balloon fills the stomach as a result of which, people cannot excessively consume food and thus, have an early feeling of satiety. The surgeon extracts balloon from stomach after 6 months. The procedure is performed under intravenous anesthesia.

The clinic has been successfully conducting sleeve-gastrectomy surgery for years. Jaba babaevi, head of the surgery department delivered detailed information about the sleeve-gatrectomy.

Mr. Babaevi stated – “Sleeve-gastrectomy is a vertical resection of the stomach that decreases volume of the stomach. Together with excised part, the hormone-producing cells responsible for appetite are also removed. Gherlin is a hormone that causes the feeling of hunger. This operation tackles excess weight and ensures regression of obesity accompanied diseases. Surgical method of tackling obesity is needed when the body mass index (BMI) exceeds 35-40kg / m2 and the patient is diagnosed with metabolic syndromes such as secondary diabetes, hypertensive diseases, osteoporosis, venous insufficiency, reproductive dysfunctions. Following professionals are involved in preoperative preparations of the patient: endocrinologist, cardiologist, gastroenterologist, psychologist, anesthesiologist and of course, bariatric and laparoscopic surgeon. The duration of the operation is approximately 1.5-2 hours, and the patient is discharged from hospital practically after 3-4 days. Endocrinologist controls patient's health condition, postoperative weight correction and nutrition. The final result is achieved in about 4-5 months after the operation.”

Patients may undergo post-operational rehabilitation of sleeve-gastrectomy at Aversi clinic’s rehabilitation center “Aversi fitness”. As Maia Kurtanidze, the head of Aversi clinic’s rehabilitation center, stated during the meeting, members of the "New Life” clinic’s overweight’s club have an opportunity to use a special gift card utilizing discount on certain procedures.

The head of the "New Life" clinic’s outpatient department Marekh Barjadze addressed audience with her speech. Mrs. Barjadze stated that prior to sleeve gastrectomy surgery, members of clinic’s overweight club will benefit from all the necessary out-patient services with significant discounts.

It is noteworthy, that patients, who had already been treated with sleeve-gastrectomy in “New life” clinic, attended the meeting.

Towards the end of event, patients decided to share how many kilograms have they lost. The result was, indeed, significant - some of them lost 60 kilograms, some - 75. As patients stated during the meeting, "New Life" clinic restored their joy of life.

This is the first meeting of the club and promotions like this are planned anew in the future. Keep an eye on "New Life" clinic’s official web site and "Facebook", do not miss important medical news.

We remind you that obesity is one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century. Keep in mind that obesity is not just a visual change; excess kilos are a threat to your health and life.


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You may contact “New Life” cinic’s call center at 577 059 900.

Wish you health!