Let’s defeat obesity together - We invite you to attend a meeting, where the methods of beating obesity will be introduced.

Overweight’s club was created at “New Life” clinic.

If you would like to know more about the causes and treatment methods of obesity from professional doctors, please join the planned meeting at “New Life” clinic. 

We invite you to clinic’s conference hall, 20th of March, 16:00. Attendance is free.

Surgeon Jaba Babaevi, “New Life” clinic’s head of the surgical department, will host the meeting. Clinic’s endocrinologists will introduce important information regarding diet and healthy nutrition.

Following topics will be discussed in a club:

  • Obesity and causes of it.
  • Ways to prevent obesity.
  • Treatment methods for obesity, including surgical ones.

It should be noted that  patients, who already underwent sleeve gastrerctomy (laparoscopic surgery that decreases stomach in size and fights obesity) will attend the meeting. We will present pre-surgery photographs and you will be convinced of impressive results of surgical intervention using laparoscopic methods. You will also meet patients, who are preparing for planned surgery.

We would like to remind you that obesity is one of the biggest challenges of 21st century. Remember, it isn’t only about the visual change, but extra kilos endanger your health and life.

Don’t waste time, contact “New Life” Clinic’s call enter and make an appointment.

This is the club’s first meeting and similar promotion is again planned in the future. Subscribe to “New Life” clinics official web-page and “Facebook” in order not to miss important medical news. .

“New Life” clinic address: Tbilisi, Dighomi, Lubliana str. N21a

You may contact “New life” clinic’s call center at 577 059 900.

Wish you health!