The „New Life

The „New Life

Stay classified in our clinic, pay 70 GEL instead of 135 GEL, and receive a one-of-a-kind package including a 4D image as a gift!

The ,,New Life“ Clinic participates in the antenatal care program.

You can get 8 free antenatal checkups and related surveys if you request the voucher.

Pregnant women participating in the promotion will benefit from:

  • Eight free appointments with an obstetrician-gynecologist;
  • All protocol-required research;
  • Ultrasonographic examination - with the finest quality high-tech ultrasound machine, Voluson E 10, which is the most advanced on the market;
  • Telephone aid 24 hours a day.

Our clinic's team of professionals will look after your and your child's health.

In our clinic, you will find a modern setting with the highest level of comfort.

If you are interested, please pre-register in advance at 577 059 900 to take advantage of this promotion!

Wish you health!

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