Cancer is not a verdict

Cancer is not a verdict

Most patients are afraid of the diagnosis and for this unjustified reason they delay the consultation, but real help can be obtained in case of a timely referral to the oncologist.

In the interview you will learn the following information:

February 4 – is a World Cancer Day. The „New Life” Clinic joins and supports efforts to raise public education and awareness about cancer prevention, disease detection, and treatment.

Oncological diseases are a complex medical and social problem because they are characterized by an aggressive course and a severe prognosis.

For today, great importance is attached to the early detection of the disease and timely, appropriate treatment. Irina Eliava, oncologist-chemotherapist of the clinic „New Life" and a member of the European Association of Oncologists, is talking about this issue.

- Mrs. Irina, which organs are affected by the tumor?

- Cancer can damage all organs and tissues in the human body. Tumors may grow in one particular organ, but over time, they damage other organs and systems, including the circulatory system, lymphatic system, and bones. The disease is mostly asymptomatic in the first to second stages, although there are many reasons why patients must consult an oncologist on time.

What are the symptoms of cancer?

Cancer at different stages of its development may be accompanied by symptoms such as:

  • Bleeding for unexplained reasons (urine, feces, nose, genitals);
  • Sharp weight loss (without physical activity);
  • The appearance of different types of growths or nevus (spots) on the skin (note the situation when there are cracks, itching, bleeding, redness);
  • The presence of dense growths in different parts of the body (especially in the mammary gland);
  • Headache with prolonged episodes accompanied by impaired vision, hearing, and coordination;
  • Loss of appetite;
  • Complications of swallowing;
  • Prolonged discomfort, feeling of pressure in the chest or abdomen;
  • Change in volume.

- When should patients refer to an oncologist?

There are cases of such manifestations of cancer when patients have to visit us regularly or at least once a year, these cases are:

  • Post-treatment period for cancer or cancer in general;
  • Women over 40-45 who have not given birth;
  • Proven diseases such as intestinal polyposis, mastopathy, fibroadenoma, cirrhosis of the liver;
  • Family history (blood relative) of the tumor;
  • Work in an environmentally polluted environment;
  • Tobacco consumption.

All tumors are characterized by specific manifestations, and correct and timely treatment will bring positive results.

- What can you tell us about the oncology department of the clinic „New Life"?

- From the beginning of October, all types of oncology services are available in the clinic. Treatment tactics for each patient are selected by the oncology team, the Tumor board, or the cancer team, based on the Concilium, which includes the oncologist, clinical oncologist, radiologist, morphologist, and radiation oncologist. As you know, „New Life“ Clinic is an integral part of the National Center of Surgery, therefore we also use all the components of the oncology service that are introduced in the center. Numerous large-scale multicenter onco-surgical surgeries were successfully performed in this short period. Successfully used in all types of chemical, hormonal, and targeted therapy, which is the biggest step forward in the treatment of cancer.

The multidisciplinary approach of oncologists of the National Center of Surgery  Clinic „New Life", experienced team, and advanced technologies allow us, to offer patients based on the clinic any type of treatment that meets the latest international standards. It is noteworthy, that the clinic offers several screenings to the population, through which it is possible to detect early changes in the tissues, respectively, timely treatment and cancer prevention.

The important thing to remember is, that cancer is not a verdict in case of timely detection and proper treatment!

Wish you health!