How to relieve labor pain, how to take care of a newborn?

Parent school has opened in “New Life” clinic!

You will agree that pregnancy is one of the most enjoyable and beautiful periods in woman's life. The couple looks forward to meeting infinite happiness - the new life brings joy to the family.
It is not surprising that almost every novice mommy experienced this feeling - does not know how to take care of a small person, choose physiologic birth or cesarean delivery, what changes are expected and what symptoms accompany the progression of pregnancy.

At “New Life” clinic’s parent school this and other questions important for you will be answered by competent obstetrician-gynaecologist.

The parent’s school aims to prepare future and novice parents and improve their knowledge regarding reproductive health, family planning, childbirth and child care.

With the help of “New Life" clinic parent school’s lessons pregnant women are informed and therefore, psychologically prepared for child delivery, whereas future moms are prepared for pregnancy!

It is essential for future parents to know the rules of a child care. At “New Life” clinic’s parent school future parents familiarize themselves with newborn’s physiological characteristics, basic principles of breastfeeding and etc.

Remember that pregnant women, who attend parent school, are prepared and less tense for childbirth. Subsequently, sensation of pain is significantly reduced.

At “New Life” clinic you will receive comprehensive information regarding magical 9 months of pregnancy. In particular, following topics will be discussed during the lessons:

  • Pregnancy nutrition, lifestyle, weigh gain norms;
  • Rules of safe journey;
  • Psychological characteristics of pregnancy (Proper pushing techniques training)
  • Emotional stress and its’ impact on fetus;
  • Discomfort as an characteristic of pregnancy and it’s management/prevention;
  • Newborn’s hygiene and care;
  • Chronic infections during pregnancy;
  • Pregnancy planning;
  • Childbirth exercises for pain relief.  
  • Progression of pregnancy and etc.  

Each seminar is enriched with thematic photos and video materials.

It is noteworthy that parent school is supervised by Tatia Tskhomelidze, the head of the prenatal surveillance department at „New Life” clinic.

Register at “New Life” clinic, attend parent school’s lessons, deliver in multi-profile clinic, where you will be welcomed by familial environment and team of professionals. 

Hurry, admission for parent school has already begun – lets be friends for 9 months!.

Please note that all necessary divisions for pregnancy and chilldbirth’s complete management function at “New Life” clinics.

Following services are available in the clinic:

  • Health condition diagnostics and treatment for any age-group of females.
  • Pregnancy planning;
  • Gynecological operations of every type and complexity (both open and laparoscopic methods)

“New Life” clinic address: Tbilisi, Dighomi, Lubliana str. N21a.

You may contact “New Life” clinic’s call center at 577 059 900.

Wish you health!