What does the medicine mean to Maia Abaloidze and what does she consider to be the biggest challenge in neonatology?

What does the medicine mean to Maia Abaloidze and what does she consider to be the biggest challenge in neonatology?

Today our respondent is the head of the neonatology department of the “New Life“ Clinic, Maia Abaloidze.

Maia Abaloidze graduated from Tbilisi State Medical University with a degree in pediatrics. She has a certificate of independent activity in both neonatology and pediatrics.

She has passed the Tbilisi State Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, advanced training course in resuscitation-anesthesiology. She also attended trainings and seminars organized by the Ministry of Health of Georgia, UNICEF and WILLSTAR INTERNATIONAL.

From 2017 to present she is the head of the neonatology service of the clinic "New Life".

When and why did you choose your profession and specifically the field, in which you work?

–I have loved a medicine since childhood, during school I had already decided that I should become a doctor, and my field - neonatology, I chose during the third year when I gave birth to my first child and realized that I wanted to be a doctor for such little angels.

–What does being a doctor mean to you?

–Being a doctor means having a special responsibility and constantly taking care of another person's life and health. Medicine requires constant presence, constant development and energy, which requires inner calling and a lot of hard work.

–What do you consider to be the biggest challenge of this profession?

–Pediatrics - Neonatology, this is a field where there are many challenges, both in terms of medicine and management. The process is full of barriers, but still is enjoyable. It is not a profession, it is more a love for which you work too much with your team, and as a result, you enjoy being with a small patient.

The biggest desire and goal, what do you want to achieve in your career?

–Being a doctor - this is a very big responsibility. The doctor is a donor of knowledge, energy and experience, as well as a giver of love and warmth. The doctor-patient relationship is an indispensable guarantee of defeating a faith-based disease. Diligence and patience are necessary to achieve the goal. I will never back down, despite the great difficulties and stress. I work hard, I do not spare myself. I think that,  hard work and the support of my loved ones is what always leads me to the goal. I love my profession because I am always in search and I often win.

What would you recommend to those who are now choosing a profession?

–The most important thing for a doctor is good faith, responsibility and diligence. Only then will they succeed. I advise them to be patient, to take the patient's problems to heart and of course not to forget - the concept of "do not hurt".

What do you think about the latest challenge of medicine - COVID-19?

–This is a new virus and we do not have enough knowledge about how it affects the children yet. We know that people of any age can be infected with the virus, but so far the incidence of COVID-19 virus in children is relatively low. Carefully follow the general and vital tips and recommendations. I very much hope, that the world will face this challenge in the near future.

–How do you see the development of the field in which you work, even after 10 years?

–Neonatology – is a large and complex field of science, that is constantly evolving. Do you know what the success will be? When there is no incurable child and no diagnosis. Measure of my success will be - many new lives saved!

Wish you health!