Weekend Promotions At The “New Life” Clinic

Weekend Promotions At The “New Life” Clinic

Discounts on computed tomography studies

The "New Life" Clinic offers unprecedented weekend discounts on 160-sided, innovative, digital technology computed tomography (Toshiba Aquilion Lightning SP).

The following computed tomography studies are eligible for promotions:

  • CT scan of the brain and consultation of a neurologist for 150 GEL.
  • CT study of head and neck spines and consultation of a neurologist for 190 GEL;
  • Research of blood vessels of the head and neck (carotid) with angiography for 320 GEL;
  • Computed tomography of the head and spine for 300 GEL;
  • CT examination of any one segment of the spine and pelvic thigh joint for 230 GEL;
  • Chest computed tomography for 140 GEL;
  • Chest CT examination and therapist consultation for 150 GEL;
  • CT scan of the chest (general blood analysis; cardiologist or therapist consultation; determination of D-dimer concentration in the blood) for 180 GEL;
  • CT examination of the chest, abdominal cavity, and small pelvis with contrast for 370 GEL;
  • CT-angiography of the abdominal aorta and lower limb arteries for 320 GEL;
  • Abdominal and pelvic CT examination with intravenous contrast for 250 GEL;
  • CT research of any two systems for 300 GEL;
  • CT examination of the urogenital system with urography and urologist's consultation for 270 GEL;
  • CT of the whole body for 400 GEL;

As part of the promotion, you can consult with any of the following doctors every Saturday for just 30 GEL.

  • Cardiologist;
  • Angiologist;
  • Traumatologist;
  • Neurologist.

Please register in advance at the numbers +995 577 059 900 or +995 322 02 25 25 to take benefit of the desired promotion.

Wish you health!

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