Free Screening Program Of Tbilisi City Hall For Tbilisi Residents

Free Screening Program Of Tbilisi City Hall For Tbilisi Residents

Free diagnostic researches are available at The „New Life” clinic.

Tbilisi City Hall declared a free screening program, which was initiated at the National Center of Surgery's Clinic „New Life”. Only citizens of Tbilisi (those whose ID card specifies Tbilisi as their residence) are eligible to participate in this study.


  1. Colorectal Cancer Screening (for women and men aged 50-70):
  • A particular test (FOBT) for occult bleeding;
  • A colonoscopic examination if pathology is detected;
  • Taking biopsy material if necessary;
  • Histological study of the biopsy material taken.
  1. Mammary gland screening — provided  mammary gland examination (for women aged 40 to 70):
  • Physical examination of the breast;
  • Mammogram examination in two projections (2 independently read by a radiologist);
  • Ultrasound examination of the breast in case of pathology;
  • Biopsy material and cytological evaluation if necessary.
  1. Cervical cancer screening free for women aged 25 to 60.
  • Examine the cervix and perform a PAP test;
  • Colposcopic examination if pathology is detected;
  • Biopsy material collection during colposcopy if necessary;
  • Histological evaluation of the biopsy material collected.

The clinic „New Life” will deliver high-quality medical care, using cutting-edge technology and a staff of experienced specialists. With us, you will receive comprehensive, rapid, and expert responses!

The main aspect in the fight against this disease is accurate diagnosis and prompt treatment initiation!

Cancer is not a verdict!

Please pre-register on 2 12 25 25 or 577 059 900 in advance to access the screening program.

Wish you health!

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