Free Cancer Screening For Residents Of Georgia

Free Cancer Screening For Residents Of Georgia

Cancer screening programs and free diagnostic tests - are offered in The “New Life” Clinic

As you are aware, the body's oncological processes begin initially painlessly and only become noticeable later, after metastases have spread. Because of this, it is essential to identify and diagnose malignant disorders early on in order to effectively treat them.

Therefore, cancer diagnostic tests are entirely free of charge at The “New Life” Clinic of The National Center of Surgery. Men and women who live in Georgia can use screening programs.


Colorectal cancer screening for both sexes between 50 and 70 years of age:

  • Performing a specific test for occult bleeding (FOBT);
  • Colonoscopy in case of detection of pathology;
  • Performing a biopsy, if necessary (including the removal of tiny polyps);
  • Histological analysis of the biopsy material.

Breast cancer screening for females 40 to 70 years of age:

  • Physical examination of the breast;
  • A mammogram in two projections (read by two radiologists independently of one another);
  • A breast ultrasound examination in case pathology is found;
  • A breast biopsy under ultrasound guidance, if necessary;
  • A cytological analysis of the biopsy material.

Screening for cervical cancer in females, ages 25 to 60 inclusive:

  • A physical examination by a family physician and/or gynecologist;
  • Pap smear;
  • A colposcopy in case pathology is found;
  • Taking biopsy material if necessary;
  • Histological study of the biopsy material taken.

Treatment of prostate cancer in men 50 to 70 years of age, upon referral from a primary care physician or pertinent specialist:

  • The total prostate-specific antigen index; the measurement of total prostate-specific antigen concentration in blood (t-PSA);
  • In the event of detection in the gray zone, calculate the serum-free prostate-specific antigen concentration (Free PSA) using chemiluminescence.

In case you forgot, Georgians in both the city and the region will profit from the free screening programs.

You'll get prompt, accurate responses to the diagnostic tests carried out by our team. The clinic is equipped with the newest technology, and a group of qualified doctors will attend to your needs.

The important components in the battle against this disease are an accurate diagnosis and prompt treatment.

Please contact us by phone at (032) 2 12 25 25 or 577 059 900 to pre-register for free studies.

Cancer is not the verdict!

The New Life” Clinic wishes you health!

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