MRT research with a discount

MRT research with a discount

3 Tesla power, digital magnetic-resonance tomography in the ,,New Life” Clinic

The National Center of Surgery's New Life clinic provides an unprecedented discount on 3 Tesla magnetic resonance examinations every weekend.


The research will be conducted on the world's best, latest, digital, artificial intelligence equipped 3 Tesla machine Siemens Magnetom Vida 3T.


Promotions are valid for the MRT scans listed below:


  • Brain MRT study for 350 GEL instead of 430 GEL;
  • brain MRT study with angio-mode for 420 GEL instead of 500 GEL;
  • Brain and neck MRT examination for 380 GEL instead of 880 GEL;


  • MRT of the entire spinal column for 370 GEL instead of 550 GEL;


  • MRT of one segment of the spine for 350 GEL instead of 450 GEL;


  • Abdominal MRT examination for 320 GEL instead of 420 GEL;
  • MRT examination of small pelvic cavity for 320 GEL instead of 420 GEL;


  • MRT study of hip joint  (articulatio coxae) for 270 GEL instead of 370 GEL;
  • MRT examination of any one joint for 250 GEL instead of 370 GEL;
  • MRT study of lumbar spine and hip joint (articulatio coxae) for 400 GEL instead of 820 GEL;


  • Whole body MRT examination (screening) for 750 GEL instead of 1070 GEL (does not include mammary gland MRT examination);
  • MRT examination of the whole body for 1160 GEL instead of 1370 GEL;


  • Breast MRT examination for 580 GEL (with contrast) instead of 680 GEL.


To take advantage of the promotion, please register in advance at (032) 2 12 25 25 or 577 059 900


Address: Tbilisi, Lubliana street №29


Wish you health!

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