Magnetic resonance tomography of the breast

Magnetic resonance tomography of the breast

Digital, artificial intelligence equipped, 3 tesla power mrt in "new life" clinic.

The clinic of the National Center of Surgery "New Life" offers a discount on the Siemens Magnetom Vida 3T digital 3 Tesla magnetic resonance tomography.


Instead of 680 GEL, undergo a breast MRT examination (with contrast) for 610 GEL.

Because no ionized radiation is employed throughout the study and no x-ray radiation is applied to human tissues or internal organs, this type of examination is completely harmless for health.


Please register in advance at +995 577 059 900 or +995 322 12 25 25 in order to benefit from the discount.

Address: Tbilisi, Lubliana street N29


Wish you health!


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