Doctor - Doctor - Romanoz Khomasuridze

Doctor - Romanoz Khomasuridze

Doctor-coordinator at National Center of Surgery’s center of hemophilia


1996-1997 – Doctor-phthisiologist qualification;

1989–1996 - Tbilisi State Medical Academy, epidemiology, occupational pathology, faculty of hygiene.

Work Experience

2014-Present – National Center of Surgery, the center of hemophilia, doctor-coordinator;

2006-Present – Georgian Association of Hemophilia and Donoring, President;

2008 – Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs, national committee of hemophilia, committee secretary;

2008 – JSC S/R Institute of Hematology and Transfusiology, deputy director’s assistant

1998–2006 – Georgian Association of Hemophilia and Donoing, vice-president

2001- JSC S/R Institute of Hematology and Transfusiology, the center of hemophilia, coordinator and junior doctor;  

1997 – Resort Abastumani Sanatorium “Arazindo”, doctor- phthisiologist;

1996–1997 – Adigeni district polyclinic, doctor-phthisiologist;

1990–1997 – Georgian association of hemophilia and donoring, board chairman

Owner of numerous awards and certificates.

Participates in congresses and workshops of the World Federation of Hemophilia, conferences of European Hemophilia Consortium.

Speaks Georgian, Russian and English Languages.